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Gidgee Smith Bags

We are extremely proud to make an Australia Made  Gear Bag in the middle of the out back with limited services and internet.  We started the business in the Channel Country in 2003 when the drought wiped out our shearing run. We decided to relocate back to my home town of Morven in 2009 due to work commitments for Mick and schooling for our children.  I spent 15 years on the road going to field days all over Queensland and some of  NSW. But sense starting out bush camp I now only to a couple of events each year and concentrate on promotion and sales of our bags online. We have over 120 online products, that we send all over Australia.

We employ local women from the Morven community and we all work very hard on the quality of the products we make, the speedy turn around times and great customer service

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