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Go for 2 km nature walk around the white hill and get to see an amazing variety of trees and shrubs that grow in the Warrego region. The walk is marked out with trees being named along the way. Star gazing in the big open sky's is a photographers delight.  And there are always birds, sunsets and sculptures to take photo's of too
Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea or coffee in the
rustic smoko area, which we have called “Kill for A Cuppa”.  The coffee and tea house is set up in the old  slaughter houses on the property, which are filled with old pieces of memorabilia.  You may also enjoy engaging in a game of chess, cards or read a book around the fire. Lots of room for the children to run around,  or help feed the goats and chickens.

Check out the list of birds and ask about our bird watching project that is now in its second stage.

Go yabbing in the dam.  We have Blue Claw which are native to the area unlike the Red Claw that is not.  Only take what you can eat, do not take them for bait and return, under sized and those with eggs back to the water

You can also get a group of crafty friends together and arrange to do a workshop together right here at the bush camp.

We also operate a small plasma cutting business from the camp and if you are really lucky you might have an opportunity to observe the plasma machine in operation.  Mick is the new boss at the rail hub and we are currently working on a plan to have tours to the faculties soon.

Night photography is very popular here with our beautiful sunsets, and there is lots of sculpture to see during the day.  The kids love to find all the hidden pieces of  art work around the camp too

We are a working farm and there is generally calves, goats an chickens to feed 

Local Attractions

Take a trip to Tregole National Park. 
The Gidgee’s Bush Camp neighbours the
National Park, but the actual entry point for visitors is out along the Nebin road, which is approximately an 11 km drive south of Morven.
Take a few hours to check out the
miniature buildings made by my uncle Bobbie Johnson (now deceased), which are housed in the Morven Museum in the center of town, across the road from the town hall.
The museum also has lots of interesting things and a must see is the kerosene tin hut.  The hut was relocated from its original site on the edge of the  northern town common, where they were once used for the old roo works.
Railway Memorabilia can be viewed in the Dick Baker Shed on the eastern side of Morven on the road to Mitchell.
If you like to do a little four wheel driving, then check out the red sands. They are
located about 2 km north of Morven, past the cemetery on the Killarney road.  The turn off is on the right hand side of the road just past the edge of the tree line.  We offer lots of local and western knowledge at Gidgees Bush Camp

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