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Hopefully you will find the answer to your questions here.  If not contact us at

  • Coin operated showers

  • Coin operated washing machine

  • Dump toilets

  • Drinking water

  • Fire Rings

  • Camp kitchen, wood stove tables & Chairs

  • Camp over hut, pizza oven bar-b-que

  • Lawn areas

  • Drinking water (only)

  • Dam

  • Coffee Shop

  • Bag Shop




  • Open from March to September

  • Over the phone 0407620360 or 07 46548380

  • via email


  • On this site

  • Bird Watching

  • Bush Walking

  • Explore the art works

  • Try your hand at camp oven cooking

  • Interact with the animals

  • Meet with the camp owners

  • Try so fresh veggies

  • Attend a workshop

  • Explore Morven surrounds

  • Visit the Tregole National Park

  • Campers have access to coffee shop from 8.30 to 4 every day, it can be enjoyed as just a place to hang out

  • Coffee made by arrangement out side public hours

  • You can bring your own mug or dine in or take away

  • Camp grounds and what is on them

  • Bush Walk

  • Coffee Shop

  • Animal interaction areas

  • Our private house or garden area

  • Entery into the bag making area is not permitted under HPHS

service in morven


what you can get in town

  • Drinking water 

  • Dump Point

  • Food with milk & bread daily

  • Beer

  • Lunch & dinner at Pub and Road House

  • Pet supplies at general store & Morven Rural

  • Fuel at Road house

  • Tires Changed by arrangement with local


about morven


  • Kill for a Cuppa at Gidgee's Bush Camp

  • Historical Museums

  • Play grounds near Town Hall

  • Play grounds & communal tennis court at Rec Grounds

  • Skate Park at Rec Grounds

  • Library

  • Red Sands

  • Tregole National Park

  • 300 people in the district

  • Sheep, Cattle, Goats & Tourism Industries

  • New Rail Hub servicing North and West cattle producer

  • Great medical and school facilities

  • Westland services 2 times weekly

  • Buses every day

  •  Morven Races 2nd week end in September

  • Social Cricket days

  • Social Tennis Days

  • Lots of smaller local events by various groups and the MPA


What can campers use

what can't campers use

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