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Our camp ground is set on over 30 acres and is divided into a powered site section which is the RED zone and a Non powered section which is the GREEN zone.
After checking, in both area's have a different entry point as the camping ground has a large table drain that is difficult to cross by some vehicles.
The red zone is marked out with RED ROCKS so bush park campers no where their area for camping stops.
Campers have walking access to all areas of the camp, however we do not allow non powered camping in the powered site section.
You are able to pick your own non powered site but powered sites will be allocated at check in.
The powered site section operates on a one way circular rotation as per the arrows.  Campers will need to do a second loop around the area to exit from the park.
Powered sites are covered with crusher dust, and the road area has been graveled.  
Campers will be required to camp along side the power outlets which will allow a 2 mtr area for roll out awnings and a road section for other campers to drive past.  It is advised not to leave awnings out if you are away from the camping grounds.  No tent pegs or ropes are allowed on the road area. 
Please do not camp on any of the road ways on either of the sections.


Full campground Map

CAMP map 2022.jpg

Powered Site Layout

POWERED SITES_edited.jpg
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