Who got the rain

Well not really us at this stage. A couple of days we got 13mm's. So at least we will get a little bit of green pick(grass), an the dust bowl has settled. A place on the other side of town only 1.5km away got 46ml, and basically that is the luck of it. Hopefully our time will come soon so the new dam gets full for the tourist season. I am always mindful about mentioning rainfalls as i know that people that have missed out maybe very well on the edge of walking away or something worse. I would rather not have a cloud in the sky so there is no false hope. The neighbor needs it too but it really put a lump in your stomach when it can be so close but yet so far. It is so hard to explain the feeling you get and have when you are going though a drought, its a bit like putting eggs in the hands of a 2 year old, you just don't know when the next one is going to crack. I am very grateful to have some rain and feed on the ground and some water in the dams and a healthy and happy family.

This time last year it was not looking so positive. Hand feeding, scrub cutting, pumping water and bloody break downs....

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