Unwind with Wire Workshop Inglewood

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

So this weekend Karen and I headed of to Texas for a workshop at Inglewood. We usually arrive on time for everything but we where late in several ways. This is just one of the workshops that was due to be done last year but due to covid it had to be postponed. The workshop was held at Greenup Meeting Place which is of the Cunningham Hwy 20min out of Inglewood on the surrounds of the Inglewood Dam. What was once a school has now been transformed into an amazing new tourist destination. This place offers camping ,and group tour accommodation as well as a beautiful coffee shop and gift store and even comes complete with a chef but there is more the church hall on the premises and garden surrounds is a magical place for a wedding or for that special function. With a back ground in sawmill and login Kenny and Shelly have constructed some extremely cool log buildings that offers a welcoming and relaxing style of bush tourism.

In our workshop we did the tree of life with 20 awesome women that all created their own beautiful pieces. We once again had the opportunity to spread our THINK RED message RECKOGNIS EDUCATE DEAL WITH DEPRESSION. It is all about starting the conversation and making people realise that they are44 not on this journey alone. As well as our artwork we create a large inner circle where people feel safe enough to share and talk about their journey. Each and everyone of us face depression in many different ways some of us are sufferers and some of us a care for those that are suffering. Through our workshops if we can provide just one thing that helps people on there journey then it has all been worth while.

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