Technology in the bush

Oh it would be so great to click your fingers and have an IT wizard appear on your door step. I am so glad that I have always worked with computers an I am able fix most of the issues we have. Keeping up with social media is a must when you are running a business in an isolated region. Gidgee Smith Bags relies on 90% of sales via our online shop and social media. And the Gidgees Bush Camp relies on it to heavily. For those rural businesses that don’t use it to its full potential are behind the eight ball and missing out on sales and reach. I have had to learn how to build and design my own webpages well before templates were available. I maintain our online store, create adds, videos, events and posts to stay up with a platform of media that changes each and every day. I never feel isolated regardless of my location but it takes hard work to do it. It is all to easy to say it is to hard, to time consuming and to expensive, but it pays off in the long run, you just have to make it the most important part of your day.

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