Gidgee's Event

We have been very busy posting all the events that are coming up at the Gidgee's Bush Camp over the next couple of months. There are Unwind with Wire classes of several different kinds as well as our Mother's Day Morning Tea for the community. Local stall holders have been invited to sell their wears, door prices and the wonderful Olivia Johnson will be doing portraits. Mick has been busy on the plasma when he is not watching the grass grow green. It's like he has never seen green grass before???? Campers are just starting to trickle in as we gear up for the season ahead. Our staff are doing an amazing job of taking over their new roles and i am both thankful and proud to have them all part of our team.

Its time for wean our goats and lambs, but of course that can't be done until the stock boss gets home from boarding school next week.

Mick has been road testing Poppy Farkles on the goats which is extremely entertaining ton watch but i can't say the poddies are liking it so much

Stay save on the roads, some areas in western Queensland are still cut by rivers but most are open for the Easter Holidays

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